The day you feel among all the insurance offers that arrive that you have got the cheapest you feel like a king. Even more so when, after a few days, the receipt arrives on account and you pay your first and last as a satisfied customer, as if you were the smartest person around. But you must be alert to the pitfalls of cheap car insurance.

Until the day your car gets banged up pretty badly, yes that day, curse the moment you decided to save the four most expensive dollars of your life. Declaring a claim or asking for a simple paper becomes a headache that can end in a nervous breakdown.

What do they stop including to be able to offer such adjusted prices?
Here are the black spots of cheap insurance:

1. The 2 × 1 and 50%

These discounts only apply to the profiles of drivers that the insurance company has chosen. For example: A 50-year-old man with an ID card over 15 years old and 0 declared claims. If you do not meet any of these qualities, forget about the offer.

2. Limitation of workshops

Some companies do not have mechanical assistance and rely on external companies to offer this service to their customers. The lack of coordination in the service can delay the arrival of the tow truck or even the assigned workshop obligation, that is, that you can not go to your trusty workshop and you have to go pick up the car several kilometers from home.

3. The trick of the all inclusive

Careful with the so-called ‘all risk coverages’. Always ask what risks you are applying. Behind an economic bonus is likely to hide a very high deductable. You pay a low insurance price but the day you fix the car you are obliged, by contract, to pay an excessive fixed amount.

4. Parties not free from fault

When one is at fault, it is normal for insurance companies to penalize his record. What is not normal is that when it is the other car that has done the damage, the company records the loss and negatively affects your policy. Do not be fooled, in this case you are the affected one, not the guilty one!

5. The ax of the second year

The first year badass with your friends of the super offer you have purchased. But the second year, the insurance company charges twice the premium to your account than the previous year. In this new policy you pay what you saved when you started. Where is savings in that?

6. Hidden procedures

Add a new driver to your insurance, ask for a copy, appeal a fine, etc. Any of these steps can go out for an eye for a low cost company. They charge you additional fees for the procedure you ask for.

Once again cheap can be expensive, leaving the road basic coverage for your safety and that of your car. So when you hire a new insurance company, regardless of the savings you take, check that you do not get any of these old tricks. Now you know the traps of cheap car insurance.