When it comes to organizing a trip, it is important to consider how you are going to put everything you want to carry in the trunk. The weight, the distribution of the luggage and the fastening of the items that are in the trunk, are key points to take into account, since a poor distribution of the weight could increase the chances of suffering an accident.

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As we said above, it is important that both the suitcases and each package that is incorporated into the trunk, is distributed in an orderly manner so as not to compromise the stability of the vehicle, or bother the occupants of the car and / or hinder the visibility of the driver.

Distribution: it is essential to take into account the distribution, so that the vehicle does not lose stability. The ideal thing is to distribute the luggage as follows:
It frees the lunette of the car, since when it is occupied with jackets or bags, it diminishes the visibility to the driver. On the other hand, before a traffic accident, these elements can become projectiles.
To ensure the safety of all occupants of the vehicle, it is recommended that you do not place bags or bags inside the car’s interior. In case of accident or sudden braking, it could be very dangerous.
It is very important that the sum of the weight of the occupants, added to the weight of the baggage, plus the empty weight of the car, does not exceed the authorized weight in the technical sheet of the vehicle.
Make sure that the weight is compensated. That is, do not place everything heavy on one side and light on the opposite side, distribute the weight so that it compensates on the entire surface of the trunk.
The heavier luggage (even if it is not the most bulky) should be placed underneath everything. The heaviest and stiffer bags should be accommodated in the bottom of the trunk. The reason for this advice is that in this way the center of gravity of the vehicle is kept as low as possible.
Ideally when you load the trunk, it is to surround the luggage with a protective net to limit the displacement of the load in the event of a crash.
As for the luggage carrier, it is convenient to avoid carrying things up there. If, in this case, it is impossible to not use the luggage carrier, do not load there bulges protruding from the perimeter of the car; Make sure that the things you put in the trunk are securely fastened and that the front is not higher than the back.