Buying a car is not an easy or inexpensive task. We know that to date, having a vehicle to move is (practically) fundamental. Not to mention the comforts that a car offers you when you have to go to work, to practice some sport, to the supermarket for the purchase of the month, etc. The car becomes essential in the life of every human being who has tasted the pleasure and comfort of moving in these vehicles.

Thus, acquiring this type of vehicle, becomes an investment, which like all, must be protected, and what better way to take care of your investment than through car insurance (designed specifically to protect your interests and those of third parties that may be affected on your person or your property, because of your fault or lack of driving skills).

Car insurance that takes care of your vehicle
As we mentioned in several of our newsrooms, having a car insurance is mandatory. Even so, it should be noted that this type of policy is basic and is designed so that in the event of a traffic accident, the third party affected may be compensated by the insurance company of the driver guilty of the damage.

There are insurances whose coverage protects not only the injured third party, but also the “culprit” of the loss (insurance all risk), compensating all the parties involved in the accident, and this being the best way to take care of the investment you have made in your car.

Just to give you an example, if you were the owner of a Ford Fiesta KD, Modelo 2015, among the possible quotes and coverages, you can find ALLIANZ, for only $ 1480 per month, which offers you the following coverage:

Policy Term: Annual with monthly fee update
Physical or material damage to third parties up to $ 6,000,000
Total destruction
Total and Partial Fire
Total and Partial Theft
Side Crystals and Locks
Damages due to theft and appearance of the car
Partial damages fixed franchise Domestic Vehicles $ 6,000 – Imported $ 10,000 – From $ 500,000 and up to $ 1,000,000 Franchise $ 15,000 – From $ 1,000,000 Franchise $ 25,000
Hail and Flood
Lunette and windshield
Coverage in bordering countries
Mechanical Assistance
Management Service in case of accident.
Replenishment to 0km within the effective year in case of total loss
Free glass engraving for CABA from 120 days of validity \
Free Technical Vehicle Review for CABA after 120 days of validity
Personal accidents in case of death for the driver up to $ 20000 and up to $ 10000 per companion.
We are talking about that with less than 18 thousand pesos per year, you take care of your investment of floods (which are being seen more and more often in the whole country), of robberies, car accidents, glass breaks and more!

We are all aware that driving a car is not 100% safe, without going any further: How many cases of vehicle thefts and car crashes do you hear per day? Having a reliable car insurance and with adequate coverage to the place where you live and the risks to which you are exposed, is the smartest way to take care of your money.