It is known that the State promotes digital procedures. In favor of this, there are taxes that can only be paid digitally, such as Monotributo.

As for the sale of cars, a transfer system has also been implemented (also applicable to motorcycle ownership exchange transactions) that favors the online purchase and sale of vehicles.

We invite you to read until the end, it can be very useful information to make transactions with your vehicles, as it will allow you to save time and money.

Save with online purchase
Maybe you’re already aware, but just in case we mention it: Since September of last 2017, the transfer of a car or a motorcycle can be done through the internet.

Making the process digitally, since then represented a discount of 20% on the transfer value. The good news is that as of May 2018, transferring a vehicle from your home online instead of personally will guarantee a higher discount: nothing more and nothing less than 40%.

This reduction can be applied thanks to the savings for the government that the process is done digitally. To obtain the aforementioned savings of 40% on transfer costs, you simply have to enter the web page of the registry and start the process (the procedure to which we refer, is the same as saying: making the 08 on the internet). Once you complete the information requested on the web, you will receive an email with a procedure upload number and with that number you will be given a turn to go to the register to sign the papers, without waiting.

Also from May, the 08, provincial stamps and municipal taxes, may be paid through home banking, without having to approach the register to do so.

With these modifications, the transfer procedure that previously took more than an hour (depending on the concurrence that was in the registry) will only take a few minutes.

In short, with this new alternative to the personal process, you save time and money. Not bad!

Finally: is it easier now to sell cars?
The reality is that for those people who have basic knowledge of computers and the Internet, yes, it will be much easier to purchase and sell used vehicles online.

It should be said that the goal pursued by digitization is to speed up times and save paper.

When you carry out the process online, you can load the data of the buyer and the seller at the same time or separately. That is, they do not need to be in the same physical space to do it. And remember, once the data is loaded by both (buyer and seller), they will be granted a shift with day and time, to attend the registration to sign the corresponding documentation.

In our opinion YES! Buying and selling cars online is easier, faster and cheaper.