In this post, we will tell you about safety and maintenance elements that you must take into account for airbags.

First of all, we must say that the airbag is an important and, why not, fundamental part of the vehicle for your safety. The airbags cushion the impact of passengers against the steering wheel, the instrument panel and the windshield (when it comes to the front airbags), and against side windows (applies to front and rear airbags). The importance of these airbags is so important for the safety of the passengers, that it is estimated that they reduce by 30% the chances of death, in case of frontal impact.

For all that said, we think it is very important to provide you with the following tips so that you can maintain this essential element for your safety and that of the other occupants of the vehicle.

At the time of maintenance it is necessary that:
It is important that the air bags are checked by trained personnel.
If there is any element that is out of state, we advise you to directly replace it, instead of repairing it.
Consider this fact: the airbags have 10 years of useful life, after this amount, it is necessary to change them immediately.
If you are installing a new airbag, it is important that it be done immediately after removing it from its original packaging.
Airbags should be checked once a year and serviced accordingly.
If the light on the dashboard tells you something is wrong with the vehicle’s airbags, we suggest you quickly review the car’s manual. Maybe you need professional help.
If you own a used or old car and the airbags have never been activated, it would be good to replace them with newer models.

Recommendations for greater safety!
Position yourself about 25 centimeters from the steering wheel to avoid a direct impact with the airbag, bring your hands correctly placed on the steering wheel and your feet on the ground to avoid unexpected displacements.
Important fact: the passenger airbag should be disconnected in the event that we carry baby seats.
In the case of pregnant women in an advanced stage of gestation, its activation can harm the fetus. So if you are expecting a baby or traveling with someone who is in the sweet wait, it may be better to deactivate the airbags.
It is known that by law and for safety, children must stay behind, no matter how much they insist to travel in the front seat, the safest place for them to travel is in the back seat.
We must never forget that the airbag complements the function of the safety belts and that in no case does it replace them. If the airbag is activated when the occupants are not wearing the belt, the action of the airbag is counterproductive and can cause serious injuries.
After an accident, all airbag components, including the wiring harness and brackets, should be examined.
NO component or wiring of this system should be repaired. They must be changed immediately.
Always wear safety glasses when working with the airbag.
After an explosion of the airbag, it is very hot, so wait at least 30 minutes before intervening in them.
The air bags should not be exposed to very high temperatures due to their pyrotechnic nature.
Do not cover areas where an airbag is housed, without technical supervision.
The fundamental goal that we have in our blog is to keep you informed, ensure your safety and that of your loved ones, so we hope that these small safety and maintenance tips for airbags will serve you, be useful and you can put into practice. You will see how thanks to the care and attention you give to your vehicle, you can take care of those you love the most.