The record of what is done to the car, the arrangements, oil loads, belt changes and other needs is usually as common practice as necessary. In many cases the wear is measured in time in addition to taking into account the number of kilometers traveled, that is why you need to know when was carried out certain care of the car and also where in the case of any failure or later claim.

How to carry out that periodic entry and how to have it on hand at all times depends on each one. There are those who prefer to have a notebook, keeping older methods, and let all movements sit along with invoices, tickets, etc. There are others who collect data in a folder and then do a kind of spreadsheet in excel where you can clearly see the evolution over time and you can also do calculations. There will be those who appeal to their memory exclusively but … it can fail!

In any of the cases, what also prevails, is the possibility of always having the data with one so that in the case of any problem, the previous procedures could be quickly verified. With this same need, technology today brings a solution as effective as it is accurate: the app that can be accessed through any smartphone.

Among the most important applications are those that guide the need for fuel loading, those that allow the entry of documentation of procedures-such as invoices, receipts or vouchers in general-or those that allow the registration of each of the care that you have for the automobile.

So you can see which one suits you the most, according to the way you take care of your car, I present some options:
1- Fuelio

It is an application that is available for Android. With this app you can record the fuel loads, the services that are done to the car and also the arrangements. As a novelty you could say that it alerts you based on the expenses that you are entering, since the application makes a kind of statistics, after a period of use, and detects if irregular expenses are being made according to what is customary.

2- AUTOsist

This application is very useful because to use it an account is opened and all the data is stored there so that you do not need to always have the same device to have the tracking of car expenses. It works with both Android and IOS. It is simple and intuitive and allows you to share the detail you have of what was recorded about the arrangements and investments that were made in the car, so it is usually very useful when you want to sell the car, to pass a detail of everything that was done throughout the life of the shot.

3- Drivvo

As easy to use as it is useful, it is an application that even gives a highly accurate indication of when it is necessary to refuel. This is possible because it analyzes the capacity of the car based on the brand, the model, the mileage and the type of fuel used. When used with the active smartphone locator it also provides information about nearby service stations.

4- Fuel Buddy

Very useful for those who have more than one vehicle, this app allows you to take control of several shots simultaneously. The data can be saved in Google Drive for those who opt for the paid version. In addition, as a novelty, allows the entry of information by voice.

5- Car Controller

Available only for IOS, is an application with which you can keep track of spending on fuel, breaks, services, tires. All very simple and accessible allows the entry of data from several vehicles. It does not have built-in GPS and has the possibility of access in both English and Spanish.

6- Simple Fuel Calculator

For those who wish to have a simple control of the expenses that comes with the fuel load, this is the ideal application. It does not abound in functions but it is precise in terms of the data load, amount of fuel and path that is feasible to carry out.

7- Acar

Available for Android, it is a simple but very comfortable app when using it. As the data that is loaded is saved on the site, it is very useful because of the possibility it offers access from different devices. At the same time, it promotes integration, leading to the import of data from other similar app, so that it would be compatible with data that you pass on a used car that you have decided to buy.

8- Road Trip Lite

This application is functional but simple. It does not provide large variations but it is productive for use in different countries, not only because it can be configured in several languages, but also because the data can be converted into several measurement systems.

9- My Cars

With this app you can simultaneously control cars, bicycles, trucks, tractors or boats. It has a free version and another more complete version pays. With the basic subscription, expenses and fuel loads can be controlled. With the paid version you can detail the expenses for each trip, perform performance analysis and be able to keep a backup of the information in Dropbox.