It’s amazing how quickly a new car depreciates in terms of its monetary value.

To give you an idea, as soon as you take out the car from the dealership, when you make the first kilometer, the vehicle loses almost a quarter of its purchase value. Six years after you bought it, your “new car” is worth half of what you paid for it. having said that, we must bear in mind that one of the important factors regarding the percentage of devaluation of the cars, has to do with the make and model that you have acquired.

It should be noted that new cars lose value for various reasons: some have to do with the use and modifications you make to the vehicle and others … are reasons beyond your control. Prepare a cup of tea or coffee, which then tell you what are the reasons why a new car loses value and give you some tips to keep it as good as new!

External factors that devalue the price of a car
As for the external factors that cause your vehicle to depreciate, we certainly do not want to stop mentioning the following:

If you use the car roughly or abruptly, this causes greater wear on the engine, which leads to a decrease in the resale value of your car.
The technological characteristics that other vehicles do not have (for example screens, computerized systems, etc.) make it have a high value. If such technologies become popular (that is, they come in more models, as happened for example with the ABS braking system that is now mandatory in all cars) you can not ask for the car, the high amount that “guaranteed” those characteristics … that is, the value of your car will have depreciated considerably.

Other factors that determine the resale value have to do with:
The year of manufacture.
The mileage.
The place where you live also influences the sale price. For example, if you live in coastal areas, the salt quickly oxidizes the body and this does not encourage a good sale price, even when the car does not have many years on the street.
The demand of the model you sell will also influence its price.
The color of the vehicle helps to sell it faster or on the contrary, it is not a car so required or sought after given its color, with which, many are forced to reduce its price to be able to sell it. We invite you to read a post of our blog, in which we detail: What are the colors most chosen by the Argentines!
Tips so that your car does not lose its value
The recommendations that we can give you for the maintenance and care of the vehicle are the following:

Do not load your car with more weight than you can support according to its technical sheet. For your safety, it is also important that if you are going to load the vehicle, do it correctly, so that the weight is well distributed.
It is important that you keep the inside of the car in condition. If you clean it regularly you can notice details and pay attention. Take care of the handles (to open the vehicle, to lift the glass, etc.), the buttons (air conditioning for example), and if something of it breaks, repair it as soon as possible. That is the way to keep everything functioning and in conditions.
The exterior of the car (“the sheet”) also needs attention. Wash the vehicle regularly to prevent wear and corrosion on it. By hiring a full-risk car insurance, you can repair scratches, blows, etc., that you have caused to the vehicle, without having to put money out of your pocket.
A mechanical review every so often also comes in handy. Periodic maintenance prevents damage to the future or, lets you discover them in time.
Now you know how to keep your new car in good condition to get a good resale price at the time you want to change the car.