Would I be able to see the vehicles in person?

You can and we recommend that you do. The images provided are mostly for a quick analysis and a sense of what he vehicle looks like. You should always try to see the vehicle in person whenever possible. Doing so will require a free membership from Copart. Check your nearest location to find our the dates and times when public viewing is available. If you are unable to do so, Copart can provide inspectors on request. These inspectors are not employees of Copart and would give you the best data possible for your choices.

Does “Run And Drive” mean nothing is wrong with the vehicle?

Not in all cases. It may run and drive however other issues may exist, which is why we recommend you inspect the vehicle. When bidding, remember to keep this in mind.

Are there any fees?

We essentially give advertising service. We don’t charge expenses, however copart.com (The actual source of the auctions) has a few charges and any related auto brokers may have expenses as well. To see the fees you need to be aware of, visit Copart and learn more.

What is are secure and non-secure payments?

Secure Funds Payment Types include:
Money Order
Wire Transfer
Cashier’s Check

Non-Secure Funds Payment Types include:
Credit Card
Debit Card