Want to purchase a boat while spending less time and saving money? Compare options in local auctions to find insurance salvage boats for less!

donated boats

Donated and insurance salvage boats can be bought at discount on auction!

donated boats

A new boat can be expensive and you want to get the right one for the right price. Normally this can be difficult or costly. If you’re looking for a new way to get the watercraft that you’re after, salvage and/or donated boats are something you might not have considered. These boats or other forms of watercraft can be donated, salvage title, or recovered by insurance companies. Given their situation or their condition, they can be cheaper than buying a new or used boat. All it takes is then some fixing that can not only be cheaper than a new or used boat but also make it feel more personal as well. Online auctions make it even simpler to find the right boats near you. GO HERE to find up to the minute listings.

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